A Yorkville native recently was featured in the current season of "Fargo" – and hinted there may be some silver screen appearances to come.

Carter Shimp, a Chicago actor, played a teenage Rabbi or Patrick Milligan – the adult version of the character is portrayed by Ben Whishaw – in the current season of the television show, which premiered two Sundays ago on FX.

The fourth season of "Fargo" takes place in 1950 Kansas City and centers on two crime families who both want a piece of the American dream and end up striking an uneasy peace. The two families control an underground economy of exploitation, graft and drugs – and trade their youngest sons to cement a truce.

Shimp said everything had been filmed and the season was supposed to debut in April.

"So quite a while ago," Shimp said.

However, like many things, the COVID-19 pandemic delayed that premiere date for the anthological series's fourth season, Shimp, 20, said.

"But they had to stop production and they couldn't … release the show until production resumes," he said. "So I think … the industry's in a very weird place right now. I mean, everything's in a weird place right now, but … I feel like it's kind of getting back on its feet a little bit, but it's not anywhere near where it was."

The quick catchup conversation Wednesday Sept. 30, came after Shimp chatted with Record Newspapers on Oct. 13, 2019. Previously, Shimp said he appeared onscreen in an episode of “Chicago Med,” which aired in September 2019 and took four days for him to film; he also talked more about what led him to that point during the conversation last year.

Shimp said last year that the cast of the current season of “Fargo” was stacked and featured stars he has grown up seeing on TV, including comedian and actor Chris Rock portraying Black crime family head Loy Cannon in the show.

“It’s really intimidating,” Shimp had said.

In a quick followup chat on Thursday, Oct. 1, Shimp said he had filmed for "Fargo" for a week.

Shimp said the show was filmed mostly in the Chicago studio, with some done in nearby suburbs and on Chicago streets.

Shimp also recalled a time he was on public transit in Chicago, just after he had finished filming, that a woman in front of him was explaining to her child that some scenes were filmed in the city for the show.

"And that was, like, the weirdest thing, because I was like, 'Hey, I'm in that show,'" Shimp said.

He said it was kind of dry jobwise for a while because of the pandemic, but there are a few prospects on the horizon now. He said there are a couple of projects he's looking into and hoping to be a part of soon – including a film – but he's not able to say too much at this point.

"But auditions are starting to pick up. I've been auditioning for a lot of stuff and I have a project that shoots within the next month or so," Shimp said. "So that's exciting."

He said it's good to get some momentum going again after the COVID-19-induced lull.

"It kind of gave me a break to sit and find filmmakers that I appreciate and kind of research people that I want to work with and make connections that way," Shimp said. "It's kind of a new approach to things, reaching out to filmmakers instead of auditioning and stuff, but I think this next year will be kind of an eventful one, hopefully. It's looking like it will be, which is exciting, but you never know. So we'll see."

Yorkville native and Chicago actor Carter Shimp (left) talks with Shaw Media's Record Newspapers news reporter Katie Finlon (right) via Zoom on Wednesday, Sept. 30.
Yorkville native and Chicago actor Carter Shimp (left) talks with Shaw Media's Record Newspapers news reporter Katie Finlon (right) via Zoom on Wednesday, Sept. 30.