GENEVA –Matt and Melissa Steuart of Geneva were having a sit-down meal in a restaurant Friday.

He was having a grilled salmon wrap –which he said was delicious –and fries. She was eating the Mexican Chef salad with romaine, hard boiled egg, bacon, green onion, chicken, corn, avocado and tomato in a chipotle vinaigrette.

Their lunch was notable only because it was their first since the coronavirus shutdown in March and it had to be al fresco – with tables safely distanced – under a tent at Nosh, 22 N. Third St., Geneva.

“I just got my hair done,” Melissa Steuart said, gesturing to My Salon right next door to the breakfast and lunch eatery. “Highlights and roots covered.”

Other restaurants with outside dining –as per the governor’s orders –that they plan to visit include Fiora’s and Osteria Bigolaro, both in Geneva.

“We’ll be making the stops, that’s for sure,” Matt Steuart said. “We’re seeing these tents pop up and we’re like, ‘Nice. We’re going.”

A retired couple, Marilyn James and Robert Brubaker of St. Charles, were having their third sit-down meal after al fresco dining was allowed.

“We ate at the Filing Station in St. Charles last Sunday outside,” James said. “We had breakfast here Wednesday and lunch here now. … It felt very liberating being out. And seeing others was enriching, too. It really really was.”

Both had ordered a Modelo beer and fried cod sandwiches with seasoned fries

“We usually try to eat out twice a week,” James said.

The next thing she is looking forward to is going to the Color Line Hair Studio in Geneva on Sunday for a haircut.

“It’s been 10 weeks,” James said. “My regular appointment came right when we were closed down.”

Nosh owner Mike Dixon said once outside dining with social distancing rules were set, he opened up May 29.

“On Sunday, 350 people came for breakfast and lunch,” Dixon said. “I have a four-season room, an outdoor patio and two tents … so the whole area is protected. None of the elements can affect us. We had a decent crowd (Tuesday) when it was 95 in the shade and the fans were going.”

The breakfast and lunch eatery is open from 7:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Dixon said they are busy the whole time they are open

“Happy? I’m ecstatic,” Dixon said. “There’s no better word.”