If you’ve been itching to get into the home brew game, Broken Brix in St. Charles has got you covered. After a brief hiatus, these popular beer and wine making classes are making a comeback.

The 90-minute wine making classes and two-and-a-half hour beer making classes cover the basics of making these beverages at home as well as the equipment needed to brew batches at home. The beer class kicks off with the initial process of brewing an actual beer. The rest of the six-week process is demonstrated using water instead of beer.

“It’s definitely not hard to make a high quality beer or wine at home,” says manager Mike Seaman.

Cost is $40 per person. Attendees also receive 10 percent off their purchase at the store to buy equipment for their new hobby at home. These hands-on classes are intimate, about five to eight people, so everyone has a chance to ask questions.

Besides learning a new hobby, you also can present a personalized six-pack of beer or a bottle wine as a hostess gift during your next holiday gathering.

Check out the list of upcoming classes at www.homebrewshopltd.com or call (630) 377-1338 to register.