Some folks can hardly wait for the holiday season to begin, hauling out those Christmas decorations before the Thanksgiving turkey is even on the table. But for others, especially first-time homeowners or first-time holiday hosts, the task can seem daunting.

Don’t let the thought of creating a winter wonderland make you anxious. Steal some ideas from a few local experts who are more than happy to share their favorite holiday decor tips.

Trends in color for holiday decorating run the gamut across the color wheel.

“This year seems to be very nostalgic with a modern/chic twist,” says Alexandra Almodovar, owner of A Lady and Her Tools in Oswego. “The classic red, greens, and gold are in, but dark blues, greys, forest greens and burgundy are big this year.

“We have so many cultures and multi-cultural families in the area, that it’s important to make sure everyone gets in the festive feel. But for the main decor, it’s traditional all the way,” she says.

Also trending this holiday season lights – lots of them.

“Also the classics are coming back with red colors”, says Ronda Frantz, owner of Bittersweets in Sandwich. “If less is more to you and you want to use your everyday items, just place some florals and candles along with them. Put a red throw on your couch, but choose a red that you can use again for the 4th of July.

This year, flashback to simpler times, as well, with vintage touches and family items.

“Bring your old sleds out and put on your dining room table,” Frantz adds. “ Use your Christmas family heirlooms and put banners in your Christmas trees.”

Tablescapes are an easy and dramatic way to bring in holiday décor, especially with a centerpiece highlight.

“Drop a long silk scarf across the length of the table and add 3-5 loved and coordinating vintage items,” notes Amy Griesmann, co-owner with her husband Dustin, of Plaid Umbrella-collective in Plano. “For simple and elegant, start with the tallest in the center and add the shortest items nearer to the edge of the table. Place a garland of greens and berries and add snowflake ornaments into the garland.”

Griesmann believes in making the most of what you have, as well.

“Use your teacup collection to decorate your Christmas tree,” she suggests. “Use old black and white family photos to dress up a garland on your mantel, or pull those old wooden toys from your closet to decorate under your tree or as part of a whimsical centerpiece.”

Simple country and farmhouse decor is a favorite with Pat Almy of Farmer’s Daughter in Sandwich. “A real craft look with vintage, country antiques and farmhouse barnwood accents is always popular,” says Almy. “Tablescapes can include lanterns, cards, candles, and garland on lace runners and doilies. Country-style silicone bulb lighting and silicone Santas have that Americana feel.

“As far as color, I like the icy-blue and green look. Just add a snowman so your decorating can extend throughout the winter season.”

Explore your own home for cherished toys, ornaments, and accessories to discover new twists to decorate a Christmas tree or mantel, transform a family room or kitchen, or compose a stunning tablescape.

Visit your favorite store to find something new to enhance holiday vignettes. They’re creating their own spectacular happy holiday displays to highlight trends that will enhance any home style and decor.