Richardson Adventure Farm, in Spring Grove, will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the moon landing with their 28-acre corn maze design this year. 

The 11 mile maze will feature images of two astronauts, the Columbia, the Eagle, an American flag, Earth, stars, and the words "Apollo 50”; “Richardson Farm”; and “Next Giant Leap”, according to a news release from Richardson Farm. 

“Crop art” is the phrase Robert Richardson, one of the owners, used when describing the maze. “[You’re] not just wandering through aimless rows of corn."

The Richardson’s hired MazePlay to create the maze. Shawn Stoleworthy, the owner of MazePlay, planted the maze himself, Stoleworthy said. He uses a corn planter that is connected to a computer with a GPS, creating the images with the seed.

The Richardson’s use sterile corn, a stock with an empty cob. This creates a safer environment if someone throws the corn around, Richardson said. Throwing corn isn’t tolerated but it hurts less to be hit with. 

At the end of the season the stalks are ground up and plowed back into the field, Richardson said.

Along with the corn maze there are over 30 activities, including pig races, wagon rides, a vintage carousel, and a park train, according to the release. Most of the activities are included in the admission fee. 

This year they have added a heated pavilion by the restrooms and a heated tent by the pig races and train depot that will serve wine, beer, and hot chocolate with schnapps, with live music on most weekend afternoons, according to the release. 

Richardson Adventure Farm is located at 909 English Prairie Road and is open Thursdays through Sundays from Sept. 7 through Nov. 3, including Labor Day and Columbus Day.

Admission is $17 for ages 13 and up, and $14 for ages 3-12 for the month of September. Prices go up to $19 for ages 13 and up, and $16 for ages 3-12 in October/November. Ages 2 and under are free. The children’s price applies to seniors and military as well, Richardson said. 

For more information go to or call 815-675-9729.